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A. S. D. Jujitsu Panda Style
Via Ca' Routes To Badia Polesine
(At the gym in Elementary School)
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What is Ju-Jitsu?


Ju-Jitsu was born, at least as a name, in the middle ages the japanese. It was, in fact, one of the seven martial arts that the Bushi* had to be able to practice.
Literally means “Art of suppleness” or “gentle Art” (Ju = gentle, Jitsu = art), then with the specific aim of making the slightest effort to neutralize the opponent.
In Japan over the centuries different schools were born and developed in the shadow of the great masters who followed. At the end of the 1800's, the master Jigoro Kano (1860-1938), with the purpose to bring together in a sport that is the style of Ju-Jitsu, drew from this a series of technical “non-hazardous” that could be applied in a combat, not a bloody one. This partial application of the Ju-Jitsu, he took the name Judo.

Who can practice?

Everyone can practice Ju-Jitsu; children (from 5 years), boys, men and women of normal health who do not have contraindications to practice non-competitive sports.


From the physical point of view the benefits include the harmonious development (especially in adolescents), increased muscle tone, improvement of functions such as coordination, joint mobility, endurance, speed and reflexes. The body has a gym and full recreation, not forgetting the stimulation of the metabolic and neuro-endocrine. Thanks to the practice acquired in sociability, and inner security to the benefit of psychic, such as creativity , self-control, respect for the opponent, the most in-depth knowledge of the self: in the final analysis, a balance between the physical, emotional and mental.

The practice of sports, finally, you allow us to occupy the attention (particularly of youth), avoiding the distractions are dangerous. The athlete is “pushed” to imitate those who are most prepared, in the continuous improvement, acquiring a kind of positive mentality that will undoubtedly be useful also in life.


In substance with the Ju-Jitsu you reach a good physical form, the control of mental activities (focus, calm, balance) and an excellent capability of self-defense.
Also, for those of you who want an intense athletic activities at national and international level.

In particular:

-from 5 to 11 years of age pursues an objective of preparatory training, physical, educational and social;

-from 11 to 18 years of age tends to be a refinement of the physical form, mental and behavioral, as well as, for those who manifested particular aptitude, the competitive activity;

-by 18 years, come to the consolidation of physical, mental and technical, the athlete can choose from several specialisations: competition, teaching, technical, arbitrage, federal.

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